5 Common Features Of The Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags  


If you are considering hitting the trail for a number of days or weeks, it is important that you start looking for a good sleeping bag as soon as possible. You want to stay comfortable regardless of the prevailing weather. There are 5 crucial features you should look for. Find out what they are.

Draft collar/ hood

Some typical sleeping bags consist of a hood that comes in handy during the cold season; it adds the warmth and comfort. Before you purchase a bag with a hood, test it out to see if it fits well. Note that the draft collar must not inhibit your breath as you toss and turn inside the bag. Look out for any other thing that might bring discomfort.


These are channels mostly found in down sleeping bags. Their job is to secure the down. Continuous baffles help to move the ‘down’ to other areas of the bag easily. Vertical baffles relocate the ‘down’ from head to foot while side-block baffles maintain the down in its place so that heat may be retained. The other baffles that function as draft collars are the neck baffles. These are tubes which are insulated to keep the heat around the shoulders and neck. The neck baffles are suitable for the winter season, but they don’t need to be too big. The best neck baffles have elastic drawstrings that facilitate easy movement.

Foot boxes

There are trapezoidal or flared boxes that allow easy movement of the feet. They also provide ample air circulation so you don’t have to suffer if you have an issue with hot feet or condensation.


There are a number of things that determine good zippers. For instance, large teeth are the best for smooth functioning because they won’t catch your skin or other materials. The strength of the zipper is important too- you can test this by pulling apart the seams with a firm tug. Make sure that they are sturdy so they don’t shift as you move around the sleeping bag.

Draft tubes

These are insulated flaps which run along the zipper. They minimize heat loss. They are sewn into the lining material to prevent leaks, as well as on the top zipper such that they hang down as you sleep. The best draft tubes are big enough to cover the entire zipper.

As you peruse online sleeping bags, don’t just focus on the weight; consider the 5 elements

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