The Various Security Camera Systems And Their Suitability To Different Situations

When it comes to security camera systems , there are two major types in the market, namely the wireless and hardwired. Most people will right away go for the wireless option, but the decision should not be that simple. You need to take your time and understand how each works, as well as its pros and cons. None of these two is better than the other in all the aspects. You will find that the wired security cameras suitable in some situations than the wireless and the inverse is also true. The following is a brief review of each of these options.

The hardwired security cameras:

The hardwired security camera systems are generally cheaper when compared to the wireless counterparts in terms of the purchase price. However, the installation cost of the hardwired cameras is higher when compared to that of wireless. The installation cost can indeed be very high especially if the wiring has to be performed inside an existing structure such as walls or floors. If you decide to install the hard wired cameras at a time when the structure is being built, the cost may be lower. Expert installers can trunk the wires behind carpeting and baseboards to reduce the need of cost and having to drill through walls.

The hard wired cctv installation in NZ also offers the advantage of being expandable. In other words, it is possible to add motion detectors and cameras in the future after the initial installation since anything addition is just connected to main panel by wires. If you will have to move out of the premises in the future, removing the hard wired cameras can not only be costly but impossible at times. It is also possible to add other accessories such as sensors and keypads placed on the windows and doors in order to enhance the security and efficiency of the system.

The cost of repairs, if it arises with wired system, may be high, especially of the existing wiring has to be interfered with or where the technician has to drill the walls again in order to locate the problem and fix it.

The wireless security cameras:

Wireless security cameras, as the name suggest are not connected to the main panel by wires. They utilize sensors placed on doors and windows. Ordinarily, they need Wi Fi other means of wireless connection to the internet. Although the initial cost of wireless security camera system can be a bit high, the cost of installation is lower since there is no need of installing wires walls, carpeting or baseboards.

It is easy to add on cameras and accessories to an existing wireless security system since there is no need of wiring them to main system. When you decide to move, removing the wireless security cameras is easy as again, you do not have to drill through was or go begin baseboards and carpeting to access the wiring system. Repairing them is easy since the cameras and other equipment can easily be accessed. However, the specific parts of the camera or wireless system can be high at times if they need to be replaced.

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